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Tone signaling encoder/decoder board for the land mobile radio industry.

Available: Call for availability.


    CTCSS (Continuous Tone Coded Squelch System), PL
    DPL (Digital PL)
    Multi-tone signaling using voice band frequencies, SELCALL
    16 preprogrammed tone configurations (channels) selectable by the user
    SELCALL signaling simultaneously with DPL or CTCSS signaling
    Ability to use separate encode/decode CTCSS/DPL codes for tx and rx
    Individual call or group call using SELCALL
    Hang up switch capability
    Transmission time out timer, duration programmable per channel
    Busy channel lockout, programmable by channel
    Ability to use selective calling squelch over repeaters and AM radio systems
    16 preprogrammed tone configurations (selected by user)
    Power requirements: +28 to +5.5Volts at 20mA.
    Size: 13.4 X 25.4 X 4.1 (mm)
    Temp range: -40 to +85 C
    CTCSS Tone range: 60 to 255 Hz
    DPL Codes: 23 or 24 bit code at 134.4 bps rate
    SELCALL tone decode range: 625 to 3000 Hz
    SELCALL tone encoder range: 208 to 3000 Hz
    Tone output level: 2500mV max.

For further information Please contact:

Jay Thienel
Thienel Electronic Service
11 Lincoln Ave.
Vernon, NJ 07462